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--- Quote from: tolkienfan86 on February 18, 2012, 12:21:13 am ---Dang my post didn't get submitted to this thread.

I had some free time the other day so I went to check out Denny Blaine. I was really surprised at how small the park and beach are, maybe only 20-30 yards wide. I can imagine in the summer it's really crowded. There wasn't any one there which was I bummer. I admit I'm unsure what the Seattle city laws are so I want to talk to people to find out what the practices are.

I didn't strip off when I was there just went to take a look. Although I got kind of the sense of being exposed while there. The grassy area is certainly viewable from the road/parking area and some of the beach also.

Perhaps I'll have to return in the summer to see what it's like then.

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People really don't care. You could be the only nude person there and no one would complain. Don't worry about feeling "exposed".There are no nudity laws in Seattle, only state nudity law, which says that a person must be committing"lewd and lascivious conduct" for it to be illegal. Also,  the person who complains must be willing to go to court and press chatges. The Seattle police typicqlly don't bother with nudity complaints. You'll be fine.

Hey Uber,

Any updates about this beach? Noticed the post is a little old.


--- Quote from: athletic1164 on April 21, 2015, 05:57:06 pm ---Hey Uber,

Any updates about this beach? Noticed the post is a little old.

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Hey Athletic1164,

I went to Howell beach when the weather was really nice on Monday, there were about 30-40 people there, and I think everyone was nude. I felt less awkward nude than I did clothed. Also, I visited Denny Blaine, later the same day, and found only one naturist, with lots of textiled patrons. I had a great time at Howell, and hope to be back there throughout the summer.

My account won't let me respond to PMs, but you asked where the beach is. If you search for Howell park in google you'll find it. Note it is not an official nude beach, but with most if not all of the patrons clothes free, it's unlikely the city will respond to complaints about the nudity alone.

Interesting. I go to Seattle every summer to visit family, so I'll see if I can go to some of those places.


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