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Video: Russian short film about Body painting

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Nice video:) body painting is fun:)

never understood why body painting is so fun.. i've never done it but it doesn't really appeal to me..

Body painting has always interested me. Never had the chance to do it but would love to. Not much of an artist so think I would prefer to be painted.


I've been body painted before.  It was last fall at a rave party called "unzipped: the no pants dance experience."  Basically the setup was that you would not be admitted to the party if you were wearing pants.  NOTE: This was not a thing that required nudity, it was just a gimmick for the party that no pants were allowed.  You could wear underwear, a dress, a skirt, a kilt, a toga, a sock or nothing as the promoter said.  People got rather creative, some guys showed up in drag.  Mostly just the kind of silliness that you get with a bunch of raver kids.

A few of us decided to get totally naked and everybody at the party seemed to have no problem with it.  I got several high fives from both men and women.  Some guys came up to me and said "you're a braver man than I am."  Two different girls started flirting with me only for me to tell them that I have a GF who I'm very happy with.  A few guys came up to me and said "I'll be right there with you after I have a few more drinks."

The venue had a fenced outdoor area where people were being admitted to the party.  The manager of the place freaked because naked people were wondering around the fenced area where they could be seen from the street when the gate was opened to let people in.  He was legitimately concerned that the police might show up and shut the place down because naked people could be seen for a split second by people on the street.  So he made us cover up to PG-13 standards.

There was a girl doing body painting there and after a while the atmosphere started to lighten up and she told us that if we were painted nudity wouldn't be a problem, since it technically fills the requirement of "on genitalia with a less than fully opaque covering" requirement.  So several of us got painted.  I've attached two images.  One is me and one of the other naked people, Stevie.  The other is me getting painted.  When looking at that image all I can think is that I look like I'm pregnant.

Side note.  I stayed in touch with the girl in the pic who body painted me.  This past Halloween I connected her with a co-worker who wanted to be Mystique from the X-Men movies for Halloween. 

That is awesome Fitz1980. Thanks for sharing!



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