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Title: Familien-Sport-Verein Adolf Koch e.V.
Post by: NudieDaniel on September 13, 2016, 05:33:52 am
The oldest naturist club Berlin, offering activities in the halls around Kreuzberg.

How it all began: Chronicle

Naked or textile, which we do not care. The main thing is you feel comfortable and relax from everyday life. In the gym or table tennis Both are used with us. So you can put yourself used a newcomer slowly to the culture of nudity, even if you stay textile. Tolerance is important to us. Forced You're going to nothing. -We Look forward to your visit / Think of Yolo: "You only live once" or "You only live once" .- "Yolo" was named the Youth Word of the Year.

.......... With our club card you come to all naturist club grounds. Of course there an entrance fee has to be paid.

In all accessible swimming pools our Berlin clubs entrance is thus mostly free. Sports, games and socializing there with us for the whole family.

All offers are very easy to reach by public transport.

The health Sport is managed therapeutically by professionals ........ de─čer

.. ...............................

Abdomen and back are discreetly gefordert.Und as conclusion there are the musical relaxation:

We have way more women than men in the team.