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Introductions (Mandatory) / Re: Hey everyone. Esh, 19, UK
« Last post by Adrian on Today at 09:11:22 am »
Hello and welcome!  :welcome2
Introductions (Mandatory) / Re: Hi from Canada
« Last post by Adrian on Today at 09:10:03 am »
Hello and welcome to IYNO!  :welcome3
Music and Concerts / Re: What are you listening to?
« Last post by Gaberone on Today at 08:07:37 am »
Adele’s new song just hits the spot. I know we are all listening to it over and over again
Television, Movies and Theatre / Re: Squid Game
« Last post by JoyousLemons on Today at 06:05:52 am »
I watched it too, I thought it was pretty good. Very good acting, but it was a bit homophobic at times

How was it homophobic? Where did that even come from

The stuff with the VIPs, how they are almost all coded as gay and depicted as depraved deviants.

Literally one guy was gay and of course they're all snobby assholes. They're millionares/billionares that bet on people winning the games and enjoy watching people die in them.
Television, Movies and Theatre / Re: No Time To Die (Spoiler alert)
« Last post by Harold on Today at 05:14:55 am »
I am in too minds about the ending and it all depends on what happens next. It says spoiler alert in the title so I'm gonna go ahead and speak openly. James bond is dead. Sooooo..... either thay cast someone else as James bond and do an alternative time line and start again. Orr they put James bond to bed and start a new franchise with his daughter. I am hoping for the 1st option with Henry Cavel. I can't see any other option working in my option.
Castlevania.  Think imma bail at the end of season two tho. 
Introductions (Mandatory) / Re: Hey everyone. Esh, 19, UK
« Last post by Turbo_ on Today at 02:39:05 am »
Im excited to see what his other projects are like

I rewatched Hill House a bunch if times, so I hope you'll like it too.

I binged it along with the third season of You right after. I was spooked and was completely along for the ride. I’m not sure how I feel about the ending tho, I’ll just leave it at that. Bly Manor is next on the list
What a weirdo
I have actually met her and her family once. I feel like she isn't a bad person, but she does questionable things. 
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