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Introductions (Mandatory) / Re: Hello from a Southern Nudist
« Last post by jukka on Today at 04:21:32 am »
Continental Europe / Re: Cap d'Agde Summer 2018
« Last post by mrj001 on Today at 01:18:28 am »
I heard that in the past few years cap d'agde jas become more sexual than naturist but due to the face that it's the most famous naturist resort I'm up for checking it out if the dates and price are right, i also want to meet up with my friends at Arna (probably last week of July and first week of August).
Pm me or send me a msg on yahoo messenger

From what I’ve heard from people who have been there the more sexual swingers area is an out of sight, sort of separate area, that can be easily avoided.

Oh yeah, and the night clubs. But even when fully clothed night clubs are usually pretty sexual places anywhere.
The comments on the Dailywire article are hilarious.  Start off calling anyone who isn’t a Klan member a “Libtard” then move on to Obama’s birth certificate.

As was mentioned the swim was canceled due to a bomb threat as well as threats of car vandalism and other less specific threats. I just love how right wingers minds work: “Nudity is evil and bad for kids. Nudists will molest any children who go to a nude swim. So to protect the children I’m going to blow them all up.”  It just goes to show that the Alt Right retards aren’t limited to ‘Merica anymore.

The good news is the Cotton Tail Corner group in Edmonton hired an extra lifeguard to increase their max allowed attendance for their nude swim last Saturday for any Calgary nudist to go. The bad news is I had to work last weekend and I couldn’t go.
Videos / Re: YINO made vlogs?
« Last post by drbiohazmat on Today at 12:30:12 am »
Just vlog about your daily happenings, whatever's on your mind, something you'd like to get off your chest or tell someone about? I mean, my friend vlogs about stuff he learns about himself and I've heard of people making vlogs to help teach people tricks with stuff or just rant. You can do whatever! : D
U.S/Canada. West / Re: Santa Cruz party
« Last post by timnudist on Today at 12:13:40 am »
I'd love to go but to far,  I only wish they had something like that here :confused
U.S/Canada. West / Santa Cruz party
« Last post by skinnydipper2 on January 17, 2018, 11:54:38 pm »
Naked roller skating party in Santa Cruz this Sunday night 21st. Message me if you want details
Introductions (Mandatory) / Re: Hello everyone
« Last post by orionkayne on January 17, 2018, 10:28:27 pm »
Thanks everyone! Happy to be welcomed like this, it feels friendly and warm.
Introductions (Mandatory) / Re: Hello everyone
« Last post by Delfin on January 17, 2018, 09:34:43 pm »
Introductions (Mandatory) / Re: Hello from a Southern Nudist
« Last post by Delfin on January 17, 2018, 09:34:29 pm »
Introductions (Mandatory) / Re: Hello from California!
« Last post by Delfin on January 17, 2018, 09:33:58 pm »

Germany is indeed a nice place to explore the naturist lifestyle  :wink:
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