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Polls / Re: Career or Relationship?
« Last post by Shiden Kai San on Today at 03:43:54 pm »
Wish I had a relationship to balance.  So erm, career/life it is then! 
U.S/Canada. East / Re: Anyone in the NYC area?
« Last post by Jaberwock on Today at 01:42:52 pm »
Hey I just joined the site so yeah I'm pretty limited here being a newbie, but it seems the tri-state area (NJ, NY, CT) seems fairly well represented. I'm in CT near Yale and it doesn't seem that there  area lot of opportunities to loose the clothes around here.

So I think somebody else already mentioned it, but I think it would great if a member with with more seniority on here could start a New England forum.
Really? I never knew that.
It’s always been legal to be naked in time square.
Polls / Re: Career or Relationship?
« Last post by Leyoh on Today at 08:40:20 am »
Right now, because of my young age, I must focus more on my studies and therefore my career c:
Introductions (Mandatory) / Re: Introducing Myself
« Last post by Jaberwock on Today at 08:19:06 am »
Chickfila is my favorite fast food restaurant, and I love pulled pork.

Hey Tim I’m new here too I completely agree with most of your intro post but especially your taste in food.  I’m from Atlanta so Chick-fil-A and bbq are what I grew up on...hopefully some day Waffle House will make it up to the northeast
Introductions (Mandatory) / Re: Here's my Intro
« Last post by Mettis on Today at 06:58:33 am »
@Jaberwock Hey buddy,  :welcome3 to the forum and hope you'll enjoy your stay here...  :yesdance

Greetings from France  :wave
Off-Topic Talk / Re: do you wear glasses or contacts?
« Last post by robbington on Today at 05:06:02 am »
I want to say that I've been blessed with needing neither, but I grew up poor and never had the option of having glasses or contacts to correct my vision, so I've just been dealing with my car passengers telling me I've passed our destination because I couldn't read the sign.  :grin:
Polls / Re: Career or Relationship?
« Last post by robbington on Today at 05:04:10 am »
I chose a balance of both, but a stable career won't pay my bills. A career would secure my future as an individual.
Polls / Re: When do you take your shower ?
« Last post by robbington on Today at 05:01:01 am »
For those who shower in the morning : how do you feel about the potential germs and bacterias you accumulate during the day and carry into your bed at night ?
My only concern about showering in the morning is my bed hygiene. As i sleep naked, I feel like I’m dirtying my bedsheets faster if I dont shower right before sleeping  :c

What’s your opinion about this ?

If I don't shower in the morning, I feel like I smell that I've just sat in the same spot for 10 hours (which I have) and it's hard for my brain to wake up quickly if I don't shower in the mornings.

As far as the bedding being dirty, I wash my bedding almost every weekend so it stays pretty clean. I can see your point of view, though.
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