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Title: Nudism in Thailand (from Nudist Day)
Post by: Danee on August 16, 2011, 01:20:57 pm
Moderator Comment The cameras would get me too, as many images on the Internet are from 'innocent' cameras.  It is talked about here. ( The second thing noticed was that this Thai group is NOT a member of the International Naturist Federation. Or, if they are, they certainly do not say that. Still, if in Asia, it would be something to check out!

Thailand has two thousand of mile of coastline, including countless secluded beaches, a tropical climate and a culture that’s not  puritanical. Sounds like a place where nudism could thrive, doesn’t it? That’s what Bruce Kendall, founder of the Thailand Naturist Association is hoping for.
Kendall’s group was launched in 2007 and is struggling to draw tourists to Thailand as a naturist destination. There’s only 3 properties listed on the association’s web page, including one, Chan Resort in Pattaya, a city on the gulf of Thailand just over a hundred miles from Bangkok, which doesn’t appear to be functioning as of yet. Another has a very similar name, Chan Twin Resort, also in Pattaya, which leads us to suspect the owners are the same people. Finally, one can rent a single villa on Phuket Island where its seclusion allows for unfettered nudism, albeit not socially.
Reading the very few comments of visitors to Chan Twin Resort on Travel Advisor, including one from Kendall himself, we’re not sure what to make of this as a nudist venue: two people comment that there are cameras everywhere on the property, a definite no-no where nudists are concerned, even if a reply by the resort’s owners claims that said CCTVs are unobstrusive.
All in all, we do hope that Thailand grows as a nudist destination, and it already offers an option for Asian naturists who have so few on the continent as a whole! (
Title: Re: Nudism in Thailand (from Nudist Day)
Post by: closetnudist on May 02, 2014, 01:15:06 am
I'll meet Bruce personally around June 2014.