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Introductions (Mandatory) / Re: Hi from Canada
« Last post by thelvx on Today at 05:09:22 pm »
Welcome, from the US
The Hobby Hut / Re: Plants
« Last post by Fishandchips on Today at 04:24:19 pm »
Apparently someone has been successful at growing a couple of pumpkins at the naturist club I go to if that counts. We have a small nursery where veg is grown and while the site is predominantly a woodland, we have a few gardening enthusiasts and there are some nice plants around their accommodations and in various locations around the site and woods trail.
Croatia / Re: Information for who would like to visit Croatia
« Last post by Gaberone on Today at 03:40:43 pm »
Hi people!

For the first time We visited Croatia and I would like to share with you all some information that can be usefull. During our one week staying this year (2016) We had seen many camping/resorts.

Our week was from 24th August to 3rd september

1) Where to stay.
This time we rent an apartment in Rovijn (many naturist resorts are in this area) 4 people for 6 nigt. We pay 336 € all included for the whole apartment.
I could say that next time I'll try to stay into a camping, but if you plan to visit different places It is much more cheaper to book an apartment.

2) Internet
I suggest you to buy a cheap Turist SIM card. The cheapest is VIP net , coverage is good, and it offer for 10 € unlimited gigabites for one week (really good). Resorts offers internet connection but often it have a cost. I put the SIM into a mobile wireless router and I used it without problems (you may need to force the APN to be used)

3)We seen Valalta, Koversada, Bunculuka, Ulika, Kazela and Solaris. It is hard to say what is better than others. Mostly depends in how you would like to spent your time and what you would like to expect. Some Resorts are simply a luxury place for relax (Valalta at the top) but luxury is not exactly what you may expect as naturist (even if really comphortable). I love Solaris, it is realy really big and there are many trees and many spaces where you can feel the nature around you.

4) Texile vs Nude
In brief where more where less, in all resorts there are both nude people than some texile or partially texile ones. So simply don't worry if you are tryiing this for the first time. Some resorts have a naturist part and a texile part, and in almost any place the receptionist will ask you if you know it is a nude place :D

5) where to eat
There are many turist restaurants some are to avoid but others are not bad or good. You can eat also in your resorts, in general you will pay 10/15 € per person or less (yes Croatia is still cheap)

6) Driving
Respect speed limits more than you are usual to do, remember to turn on your car lights even during day. We had no bad experiences but I may expect that police could be happy to take money from turists...

I hope this post may help others.

Sorry for my grammar errors  :shocked:


I have been to Rovinj and it is truly a great place to go when in Croatia. I recommend it as a base and you can branch out from there. Great tip!
The Hobby Hut / Re: Plants
« Last post by Pacnwnaturism on Today at 03:34:47 pm »
I work in forestry and am into plants
The Hobby Hut / Re: Coffee lovers
« Last post by Gaberone on Today at 03:34:20 pm »
I am not a coffee lover, but a tea lover. I think it’s similar to coffee lovers. I really enjoy finding nice teas or different ones that I’ve had. Whether in the supermarket or when traveling. And the preparation as well is something I find really interesting
The Hobby Hut / Re: Plants
« Last post by Gaberone on Today at 03:33:11 pm »
Last week I bought a small plant for my apartment. We will see if it lasts through the winter, but it’s nice being able to take care of something
The Sports Bar! / Re: Sport Climbing
« Last post by Gaberone on Today at 03:30:22 pm »
So I do(or used to, in the before times) wall climbing, and have done for about a decade. It's amazing fun, and a great full body workout. I realised recently that I hadn't been able to do any lead climbing in the past 10 months, and I miss it. Is anyone else here a climber?

I used to do wall climbing a while back. I remember I loved it. The feeling of getting to the top is the best, even when your fingers have that sensation when gripping the wall.
Introductions (Mandatory) / Re: Hi from Canada
« Last post by timnudist on Today at 11:42:31 am »
Introductions (Mandatory) / Re: Hi from Canada
« Last post by eagleday on Today at 09:37:41 am »
My name is Chris...i live in the Niagara region of Ontario,Canada. When i'm not at work building houses i like to make furniture and play pool. Hope to meet some new people

Welcome Chris. Interesting, I wonder if you ever worked in the nude.
Television, Movies and Theatre / Re: Squid Game
« Last post by eagleday on Today at 09:36:20 am »
Good. But, within the same genre, still better is the Japanese "Alice in Borderland".
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