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Title: Trip Report: Cedar Creek Park
Post by: Bobbert on July 11, 2010, 12:49:44 am
Today I had my first social nude experience :63424 by visiting Cedar Creek RV Park in Pelion, SC.  For the Brits, it’s kind of like a “caravan park”, but the RV’s are much more permanent.  It has a clubhouse with pool tables, indoor pool, and hot tub and an outdoor pool with hot tub.  There are camping sites, and plenty of places to pull up your own RV.

I signed in and walked down towards the pool leaving my shirt in the car.  The guy who signed me in was outside then, and told me more about the place, including the general rule that people should be nude after about 2PM.  It was after 2 at that point, so I got to the pool and immediately stripped my shorts off.  There was a big game of water volleyball going on, and it wasn’t long before everyone was enjoying a big inflatable slip-n-slide that the club members had purchased.

A creek runs along back side of the camp’s property.  I walked down to it to explore, and as soon as I got back there was a group leaving on golf carts to go raft down the creek who invited me to join them.  I grabbed a spare float and looked for a seat on one of the two golf carts.  The seats were all taken, so the person driving a cart with no back seats invited me to ride down while standing on the back bumper.  So, not even two hours into my first social nude experience, I’m standing up butt naked on the back bumper of a golf cart holding onto the roof, trying not to lose my float (also on the roof), and ducking branches as we zoomed down a forest path.

The creek was cold, but fun.  It had a current about like a “lazy river”.  There were 3 access points with swimming at a dock at the middle access.  It took us about 25 minutes to float down from the 1st to the 3rd point to take out.  Work clearing the creek for rafting and building the dock seemed to be done by the residents.  A good number of club members seem to live on-site.  They had a good sense of community/family, and they took pride in their club.

There were maybe 70 people there for the World Record Skinny Dip (, affiliated with the AANR.  Most people were above 40, but the staff (3) were in their 30’s.  There were a few members/visitors under 40, and the older folks all seemed young at heart.  2 younger kids were there:  one there with grandparents, and one who was a regular.  Everyone was very friendly and talkative.   :564

Several other first-timers were there today.  The male/female ratio was probably about 2:1 or a little better.  While they love to have couples visit, they seemed happy to have me, a single male, come visit.  It is a much better deal to join the club as a couple.  Being a 20 something, they were very welcoming and encouraged me to come back and bring friends my own age.  Under 35’s get lower day rates and yearly membership rates.

I absolutely plan to go back.  They hold an annual “Nudestock” in September, and they get bands to come every few weekends.  If you’re interested, their website is here (

tl;dr summary: Good times!