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Introductions (Mandatory) / Re: Hello I'm Back
« Last post by hilda on Today at 09:49:35 pm »
hi and welcome back
Introductions (Mandatory) / Re: Hello I'm Back
« Last post by AmericanSwede on Today at 08:19:08 pm »
Welcome back!

Yeah, but in these examples nudity was more of an element to shock, in humiliating Jim Gordon and in the second it was more of a "fan service" (that is the term, right?).

I think there are other instances, but leaning more into the realm of fan service again. But not for Batman, I think.
Polls / Re: When did you start sleeping naked ?
« Last post by rbghrdzm on Today at 07:45:30 am »
I slept bottomless a few times as a kid, but started sleeping fully nude around 6 or 7 years ago
Have seen the first 4 episodes on SBS Australia (english sub titles) not bad viewing.
Very cool, but his old pal Jim Gordon already beat him to the punch years ago.  :happy

I'm glad to see comics growing up as a medium in terms of portrayal of nudity. Hoping video games get there. I'm wondering how it'll be received when it's a female character's turn. Batman Confidential #18 had a story where Batgirl attended a party naked, a gathering of the "Gotham City Hedonist Society," but there was plenty of Austin Powers style convenient censorship.

Polls / Re: When did you start sleeping naked ?
« Last post by Tiberius on September 23, 2018, 11:45:49 pm »
For my part, I think I started sleeping naked as one of my early forays into naturism, not the other way around. I must have been around 13 or so.
Polls / Re: When did you start sleeping naked ?
« Last post by Sofia on September 23, 2018, 10:05:46 pm »
Quick update question :
For those who started sleeping naked at a rather young age, do you think sleeping naked was what made you interested in starting naturism ?

I think for me it was the other way around, I always like to be nude and because of that I started sleeping nude

Introductions (Mandatory) / Re: Hello I'm Back
« Last post by NakedShadow on September 23, 2018, 07:23:36 pm »
Hello and welcome back. Paying that much sucks i paid in-state and I barely scraped by
ANd the fact that none of the editors actually initially reacted or prevented it from going to press is a good thing.
Then, the media reaction made sure they would censor it.
Too bad.
But yes, it is a first time that will ultimately lead to a normalization.
The dated "comic book authority" was already abandonned because of way too much cliches and constraints it imposed on publishers to "protect young readers".
There is no shame in drawing the human body.
Comic books will pull through.
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