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U.S/Canada. West / Re: LA Spas
« Last post by stiloff on Today at 02:11:55 am »
Hey everyone,

I am looking to hit a nice spa in LA on my spring break after a stressful quarter.

Can you guys give me any recommendations on where to go?

I am looking to go probably next week during the week, possibly Wednesday or Thursday. Not sure what time I’d go, but I have to drive back to SD the same day, so I’m guessing I’d probably be looking to be at the spa during rush hour.

Also, if anyone wants to join, that would be awesome. I’ve never been to a spa before, so it would be pretty nice to have someone to show me the ropes.

Too bad you moved out of LA, David!

Sasha and I could join you at Century Day & Night Spa on Wednesday afternoon/evening if you'd like.

We're also doing a nudist group event there in April.

I’ve never heard of that place! Sounds like I will have to wait a bit more, however. I just got a cold the day after I posted this - so I don’t think I will be able to make it to LA on Wednesday since I’m still feeling pretty sickly. How busy is the spa on Friday or the weekends?
Also what day in April is your event?

Sorry you're under the weather. Feel better soon.

Sunday, April 8th is our Spa Day. Join LA Nudists on meetup and here are the details for the event.

Thank you! And I joined!! I’m gonna try my best to make it!!
On the 2th of June:
"After the success of the special evening opening for the Naked Tour during the exhibition ‘Robert Mapplethorpe, a perfectionist’ last year, Kunsthal Rotterdam is repeating the success formula for the exhibition ‘Hyperrealism Sculpture’, a unique selection of hyperrealistic works by the major sculptors of the last fifty years."


Mmmm... I will be gone by then.
Hi guys,
I am also living in Amsterdam. I am wondering are there any nude events/gatherings?

Same thing I am wondering!
Benelux / Re: Détente Aquatique / Waterpret in Gent, March 24, 2018 !
« Last post by fex on March 21, 2018, 09:48:43 pm »
I can talk English if you want :huh: I will have my INF card with me (from the Dutch federation), so a Belgian club membercard isn't needed for me. But you answered my question (about any pre-sale)
Benelux / Re: Détente Aquatique / Waterpret in Gent, March 24, 2018 !
« Last post by Sik on March 21, 2018, 08:58:44 pm »
Kaartje is gewoon aan de deur?
Wat bedoel je? Sorry mijn Nederlands is nog ver van perfect ^^'
Je moet je lid-kaart van een naturist groep brengen en je id-kaart. Betalen is aan de deur, geen "pre-sale". 

Antwoordt dat je vraag?

By the way, I can drive people back to Brussels or around if needed. 
Benelux / Re: Détente Aquatique / Waterpret in Gent, March 24, 2018 !
« Last post by fex on March 21, 2018, 08:33:01 pm »
Dat is de moeite waard, ik ben van de partij. Kaartje is gewoon aan de deur?
Music and Concerts / Re: What are you listening to?
« Last post by rockasocka1992 on March 21, 2018, 08:27:52 pm »
More death metal guys and girls!! I would love to hear people comment on what metal bands they listen too. The Black Dahlia Murder is probalbly my new all time favorite like love at first site, they are so melodic but face smahingly awesome at the same time.

I like it :) . :like
Television, Movies and Theatre / Re: The Last Movie you saw
« Last post by rockasocka1992 on March 21, 2018, 08:24:13 pm »
Assassin's tale , good movie but a bit hard to follow :p .
Videos / Re: Why Japanese Love to Bathe
« Last post by skinnydipper2 on March 21, 2018, 07:48:38 pm »
I love onsens! My favorite local place to go is Kabuki spa in San Francisco.
Looked it up and what a paradise. Shame about the bathing suit requirement on the co-ed days though.

You know if they've ever ditched the rule to see how it would go over? It's San Francisco, I bet plenty of people would be into it.

That would be disrespectful to the spa/communal bath and there is no reason to go on coed day. If I wanted to go to a spa with a woman I’d go to the Banya.
Introductions (Mandatory) / Re: Introduction
« Last post by Nudielad on March 21, 2018, 05:40:15 pm »
Hi and a big  :welcome3 to our community,

I do hope that you will enjoy your stay here and hopefully you will learn something you never knew about the nudist/naturist lifestyle. There are lots different and posts to explore so there is bound to be something here for you to get involved with.

If you should have any problems or questions please refer to this handy FAQ;,110.0.html

Anything that you should need answering can be found in there. If you are still in doubt don't hesitate to contact one of our brilliant moderator team and I'm sure they will be glad to assist.

Enough chat, have fun, get involved and welcome once again to this thriving community!

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