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Studland beach review
« on: October 29, 2015, 09:04:13 pm »
I was on hiatus and wasn't very active on this forum for the last few months, but I'm back  :azn:
So I know winter is coming in the northern hemisphere which means I would have to cover most of the time, or turn on the heater and stay indoor. However, this couldn't stop bringing back memory about the last summer, which I want to share about it here.

A year after I opened a thread on here asking if anybody had any information about Studland beach and received no answer, I ended up visiting Studland beach anyway. It was a sunny Saturday in July. I have only been to 3 naturist beaches in the UK only: Eastney in Portsmouth, Brighton and Studland, and I was totally in love with Studland the first moment I got there. I told myself this must have been the best naturist beach in the UK!

I reaches Studland by getting on a bus from just outside the train station in Bournemouth. It was much easier than I expected to know where to get off the bus. Just after the ferry, you can either get off and walk along the clothed area to get to the naturist zone. Otherwise, stay on the bus until the second stop, walk across the grassland on the designated path leading right to the middle of the naturist zone. 

The "naked zone" (I prefer this term  :wink: ) or the Knoll beach has just been extended to nearly a kilometre long. The water quality was supposed to be good but on that day, some part of the naked zone suffered from seaweed and dead jellyfish. At least I enjoy poking the jellyfish and picking up the seaweed so it was good to me anyway. That was a pretty hot day and the National Trust people were organising a beach day in the naturist area, with BBQ (of course you had to pay) and volleyball and pétanque, so there were quite a lot of people on the beach. I was talking to a National Trust lady (they were dressed) on why they chose to hold the event in the naturist area. She said they have held this beach day quite a few times but that was the first time in the naturist zone. They just want to get to know the naturist visitors of the beach, attract more people and apparently to promote the National trust. She was a very friendly lady and we chatted for a while. I told her this was my first time to this beach and I really loved it.

Behind the beach was the grassland. I had a small adventure exploring the grassland in the nude. This was my first time ever wandering on a large area in my natural state, so I was very excited. This was actually not the area designated for naturism but at that time I didn't know. Besides, there were no one around anyway. Walking up the small hill, and going a bit further, I reached a marshland and a small lake where I had to stop.

I will definitely come back when the weather is warmer. What I regret was that I didn't use sun cream and after the whole day being under the sun, my skin suffered for about 2 weeks. Next time I will remember this. Apart from being the best ever nude beach I have been to, Studland has for long problems with people having sex in the tall grass and the meerkat voyeurs. I saw a middle aged man standing in the tall grass watching around with his binoculars, and frequently stroking his thing. This was annoying if you cannot ignore it.

A photo I stole from the internet. (source:

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Re: Studland beach review
« Reply #1 on: October 29, 2015, 09:11:30 pm »
What a report! Thanks so much for this, and thanks for returning to the village!

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Re: Studland beach review
« Reply #2 on: October 29, 2015, 09:41:49 pm »
I remember going to Studs as a kid not the naturist bit mind.  Thanks for bringing the memory back of the place.