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Turtle Lake Nudist Resort - Union City, Michigan
« on: September 08, 2017, 01:31:45 am »
Been meaning to start sharing reviews as, over the past year or two, my wife and I have traveled a bunch and we always make it a point to head to nudist resorts/events wherever we go (I'd say, I've got about 10 or so of these reviews I need to write about different places we've been).  Over this past Labor Day Weekend, we were originally planning to travel to White Thorn Lodge (on recommendation from a friend) but, as we were tent camping and the weather was expected to be 60ish and overcast (with some scattered rain), we started looking for warmer, dryer locations and, to our surprise, heading north to Michigan was the answer.

We arrived on Saturday in the morning and was checked in fairly quickly and given a tour of the resort by a nice older gentleman who lives there full time.  As we were tent camping, our grounds fee covered our tent side in the rustic campsite (no electric/water).  Also, as it was our first time there, our first day was free (something about a letter they put on the women's section of their website) and our second day was half-off.  In total, our two night stay with day fees was $29.00 ($19.00 for the second day and a $10.00 day fee to extend our day on Labor Day).  We consider that a great deal.

We setup our camp in a surprisingly busy rustic camp section (probably 20-30 families tent camping) but we were able to find a private campsite a bit back around the lake that overlooked the lake and had a great view of the sunset.  We loved our spot and would definitely camp there again.  Most of the campsites have fire pits where you can have a fire (either by hauling in wood or purchasing wood from the front office) and, where we were, we were about a 5 minute walk away from the main bathhouse.

The main bathhouse is a bit more than that.  It has bathrooms (men's and women's) and showers (coed, one side is private stalls and one side is open showers).  It also hosts a variety of TVs (which they had satellite), an event space (they had dances both nights we were there), and ping pong/pool tables. Also attached to this was an indoor pool (we didn't use it as it was too nice outside) and an indoor hot tub.  They do pool volleyball here and they had a pretty good turnout each time we saw the games going on (maybe due to the business of the holiday weekend). 

Outside the pool house are a variety of games/entertainment options that they provide equipment to.  They have horseshoe pits, shuffle board kits, a 9 hole disc golf course, a 9 hole par 3 course, pickleball courts, tennis courts, and some boats and kayaks you can borrow to paddle on the lake.  A lot of things to do.

The main pool was heated and fairly nice.  It only got about 4 feet deep (being a tall guy this bothered me but it was fine) and was a bit busy at times when the weather was really nice and warm.  Also, they could use a few more chairs (even though, most people looking for seating were able to find something with waiting just a few minutes).  There is also a Tiki "Bar" (no booze is sold, one old guy had bought a keg to celebrate the weekend and was handing out free beer) and a restaurant that does pretty good typical pool food (think hamburgers, tacos, fries, etc.).  We ate lunch twice there and thought the food was overall good and reasonably priced.

One other note is the resort is very open to you bringing your own food and beer/wine/liquor on the resort (obviously making sure not to be a nuisance).  We rolled a cooler to the pool each day and had our own drinks throughout the day. We also cooked breakfast and dinner at our campsite so can't speak to the restaurant on site.

We are a young 30's couple but we found, like most nude resorts we've been to, that the clientele skewed older. All were fairly friendly to us and were interested in how we got into nudism/why we decided to come to Turtle Lake/etc.  We did end up meeting a few young couples around the resort that we invited over to hang around our camp fire on Sunday evening.  There was also some families, but they were definitely in the minority.

Turtle Lake also has rooms for rent but, as we didn't stay in them, can't speak much to quality, etc. They did seem to be fairly priced, however.

The resort is quite big.  We walked around the two member loops (people were really friendly in these sections to) and it totaled around 3 miles or so.  There's probably quite a bit more walking you can do if you so choose as there are some hiking trails around the site as well.

Anyway, I'd highly recommend this place for the value and overall friendliness of the members and guests.  If you have any questions, feel free to post them and I'll try to answer as best I can.

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Re: Turtle Lake Nudist Resort - Union City, Michigan
« Reply #1 on: September 08, 2017, 01:30:32 pm »
My wife and I visited Turtle Lake last year and had a great experience also.

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Re: Turtle Lake Nudist Resort - Union City, Michigan
« Reply #2 on: September 23, 2017, 06:20:10 pm »
With rates like that it is almost cheaper to go to a resort than a hotel, although the extra time on the road heading off to an isolated resort is often the handoff. If you factor it into your entire trip then it is rather nice to stop at nudist locations.
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