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Men and Their Unconscious Fascination with Their Penis
« on: November 06, 2018, 02:06:44 am »
The blog post someone has finally done

It’s slightly depressing out as far as weather is concerned and I have a cold adding a level of misery to the situation. Of course, this means that my approach to the world is tinged with a sense of greyness rather than the clear light of sunshine. As a result, this post reflects my mood – and in a way, that is honest as it can get.

So many images of men, posted by men, featured the penis. It was as if for many, the male identity has been reduced to the penis. The images which elicited this response showed male penises standing up proud, more often than not, but with the faces of their owners, for that is what the men have become, owners of a separate thing of power. Clear sight has been compromised. By empowering the penis, men have become blind to what they do as they follow the will of instinct, blind to what they do others and themselves in service to primal instinct.

This image is an old image that I found a number of years ago, stored away in my archives of psychological images and promptly forgot about. This morning, as I turned to Twitter and Facebook in order to see what my on-line community was up to, I met with a few images that at first made me mad, then changed to sadness.

I am not offended by the sight of a penis. However, I am saddened at how men have lost their sense of self as they use their penises as their avatars, use them to tell the world that they are real men while hiding their faces as though ashamed of being discovered. For, if discovered, the world would then learn their lie – that they are victims.

All men have a penis. Real men have consciousness and awareness of their responsibility to the world. Real men are compassionate, thoughtful, insightful beings who make the world a healthier, safer, and better world. Real men aren’t servants to the penis, the symbol of power of body over mind and heart.I have heard too many defend the images of penises without the critical identifier of the faces of the men who now belong to these penises. What was troubling at first was the defense that these were natural images of a man, rather than a psychological statement of importance of how some men, perhaps too many men, have unconsciously stopped looking at the whole picture of themselves and the world. By following their dicks, men become blind to what is happening to the world around them.
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Re: Men and Their Unconscious Fascination with Their Penis
« Reply #1 on: November 06, 2018, 03:04:03 am »
I mean you can own your identity and also uphold your penis as symbol/tool of power. The Ancient romans used to view the act of penetrating as an extension of ones will to conquest, which is why they frowned on the submissive role as it was seen as unmanly.

I can’t tell if the author has a gripe with men viewing their penis as a symbol of power, or the dissociation of their identity from the penis itself. Seems like both.