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beach Punta Crena beach review !!Certified hood classic!!
« on: December 04, 2022, 03:20:43 pm »
beach Punta Crena is a super small beach that's very inaccessible, but close to major Italian riviera beaches. You either have to row to it or climb down a cliff face.


My girlfriend had specced out this beach in advance even before we went on our road trip. She had heard about it beforehand and was super excited.

What's special about this beach is how inaccessible it is, which is its appeal. YOu either have to take a difficult climb down a cliff face or the easier route, paddle to the beach for another beach.

parking was nearly impossible and we ended up accidentally parking on some private residential parking in a tow zone and were met by an angry man when we came back. But no towing! If you've ever been to the Italian riviera, you know how the entire road is filled to the brim with cars.

We took the easier route since we wanted to bring a lot of gear. We had an inflatable boat with us that we had taken throughout Europe just for this ocation. We arrived and there was a disappointing amount of nude people, but I stripped off as soon as we landed. My GF was a bit more apprehensive since the number of clothed people made her uncomfortable. eventually, she stripped as well. (And I noticed more people stripping off as time went on.) The vibes were off the hook. Such a cool place filled with chill people. There was almost only young people and some cool active older people. The fact that it is so inaccessible and "secret" I think made the vibe nice. It was a pebble beach and cliffs under the water. I had some goggles and dove around. There was a nice rock formation out in the water that we swam to and climbed up. the waves were pretty hard there and the rocks were sharp so unfortunately, my GF cut herself pretty bad. Nothing medical but it bled a lot and left scars.

The beach was all I wanted it to be and I wish we would have stayed longer, maybe even brought a tent.

the only thing that sucked was the parking situation.

If you're a free spirit/hippie nudist this is the beach for you!
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