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So I've been living in Japan for a while. As a naturist it's a luxury having acsess to all these onsens around. A nice luxurious spa where I can chill in the buff.

But one a problem arises when you have a friend of another gender.

All these wonderful and plenty naturist havens are gender segregated. While I don't mind hanging out with naked old men it gets a bit boring to not be able to bathe with my GF.

She recently came to visit me here, and of course we went to an onsen. However, she got imensly bored bathing alone and I get it. Plus we love to hang out nude.

Anyways, I knew there were Co Ed onsens, but just not where. Apparently it's actually illegal for coed onsens in both Tokyo and Kanagawa (where I live).

After some googeling, the closest and most daytrip appropriate onsen seemed to be 1000man ryokan.

Now a ryokan is a onsen hotel, but you don't need to stay there to use the onsen.

The onsen was about three hours one way from my home. Straight out on the Shizuoka peninsula. The entire peninsula is beautiful and littered with beach towns. Would be a blast in the summer, too bad we went in January with rain pissing down and hale.

The train ride was magnificent but expensive, 3000¥. It goes along the coast and closer or Shimoda, more inland in the mountains.

The station to get off on is rednaji, one before the last, Shimoda.

From the station its a short walk to the onsen.

It was in a old building, what I belive is Edo period. The garden out front was cute and well maintained. You entered trough sliding doors. Everything was quite old and behind a small counter there was an old lady. She didn't speak any English, but with my miniscule Japanese I managed.

It was 1000¥ for entry. The men and women undressing rooms were separated.

Towels not included, 100¥ for towel.

The woman can enter the larger and original men's pool trough double doors with locks. So the woman can come into the men's area.

I stripped in the oddly shaped undressing room and put my stuff in a hamper. There was lockers, but why bother, it's Japan. I texted my GF and told her I'm heading in.

The showers were right by the pool, very traditional.

It was all wooden, everything including the pool.
It was very hot and extremely steamy, glasses wearer's be ware. It was really cool to see how old everything was. The wood looked like it had been there for hundreds of years.

There was one shallower section by the door, one deeper and one in the corner that was crowded. In the other end of the pool there was a door to the outside, to the outside pool.

One weird thing we noticed right when we got into the pool was that the other women in there wore some kind of a dress. Of course my Gf was naked, because it's a onsen. But she felt a bit awkward and maybe like she was offending by being nude. No one had said anything about a dress. But then later some younger women arrived and was nude so I guess it's fine.

It was all good and cool and all, but they had no space out of the water to chill really. And it was a bit boring. So after about one and a half hour we got tired of it and decided to leave.

We took tech train down to the last stop and looked a little, went back a few stops and had dinner at a lovely onsen beach town.

Spent some time at the beach in the dark, quite a cool vibe.

It was a nice experience, but too far from Tokyo and maybe not worth the trip just for the onsen. But I do love to be naked and it shucked having to be separated naked. I'm glad I went, but if I go as far another time I'll stay overnight.