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Re: Trip Report: Haulover Beach, Florida (first visit)
« Reply #15 on: February 10, 2011, 04:23:40 pm »
I spent a few days at Haulover in October 2008. Not as big or as crazy as Sandy Hook (fewer "weirdos" too) and everyone there that I spoke to was very friendly. Water was warm, though a good bit of seaweed. Overall male/female balance was OK though most came as couples, and you really did not see groups of females as you might at Gunnison. Most seemed to be there to relax and have fun, as compared to some of the attitude problems of other beaches.

Met a nice woman (40ish) there one day in the water, we swam together, then lay out for a while. She got up to take a walk so I moved. On my way out she was in line behind me for the shower wrapped in a towel, and we had some more good clean fun there. "It's not like you never saw me naked before" she said. I laughed. Haulover is amazing in that aspect, the only place I have been to where you can take an outdoor, nude, co-ed shower (there are 2 heads). We had fun washing each other, getting the sand off those hard to reach places. We laughed all the way through, then dried each other off. Absolutely amazing. Too bad it was her last day there...but I guess what happens at Haulover, stays at Haulover