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Where to go when its too hot to wear clothes in Europe!
« on: May 26, 2009, 03:57:09 am »
Check this cool editorial out. living in Europe, or going there soon?? check this out. I think you'll need to check out the link to get the embedded links in the story.

James' Europe Travel Blog
By James Martin, Guide to Europe Travel since 2002

Where to Go When It's Too Hot To Wear Clothes
Saturday May 23, 2009

We got an alert the other day. Said it was gonna be a scorcher in every big city in Italy. Since it's a weekend, that means that the autostrade will be jammed with cars, especially near the beaches.

So what do Europeans do when the weather turns steamy? Most spend the hot afternoons inside buttoned-up stone houses, preserving the cool of the morning. Many hit the beaches--and a very small percentage of them abandon their clothing and run free in designated areas. You can be one of the latter, and save some packing, by following along as we explore some clothing free options in Europe.

Free Body Culture (FKK) is quite a prevalent philosophy in Austria and Germany, so naturally we've selected some of the top places to get naked in Austria, while Birge Amondson of Germany Travel gives us a road map to the Best Nude Beaches in Germany.

You might be amused to know that nudism isn't illegal in Spain, according to Damian Corrigan, and he happily doles out some advice on where to get naked in Spain, you know, places where you'll be unlikely to scare the horses (or, this time of year, bulls on the run).

On the other hand, nudism is illegal in Ireland, says Bernd Biege. But, just like here in Italy, Bernd notes that there are always ways around those silly laws...

Kelby Carr starts out her primer on How to Get Naked in France with "Determine whether you want to get naked or just go topless" so you know it's not gonna be hard to find a venue for your altogether as long as you can decide which parts you want to expose.

Terri Mapes lets us in on a little secret that wasn't such a secret back in the 70s, "Nudism in Scandinavia is nothing unusual."

So now that you know the facts about nudism in Europe, you can hit Europe's Top Nude Beaches without fear...or unwieldy clothing.

Got a favorite nude or topless beach you'd like to share? Fill us in: Your Favorite Nude and Topless Beaches in Western Europe.


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Re: Where to go when its too hot to wear clothes in Europe!
« Reply #1 on: August 05, 2009, 12:05:02 am »
It really saddens me to the core to see the one and only place listed there that naturism is illegal is in Ireland :(. I just don't understand why our country (both North and South, especially North) can't just follow (lack of :P) suit and just wise up. Like Ireland is probably the one country that doesn't have at least one official naturist beach. Why cant our people just see that naturism is wholesome and healthy. Naturism can teach body acceptance, can be so freeing, can bring you closer to nature, can break down barriers about people ie. stereotypes and loads more. Breffni and I just got the bad luck here :(