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My Life in Ruins - 2009
« on: July 20, 2009, 12:28:05 pm »
Starring: Nia Vardolos, Richard Dreyfuss & Alexis Gergoulis

Genre: Comedy

Summary: Nia Vardolos stars as Georgia, a college professor for Classical Greek Studies who finds herself unable to successfully work in universities in Greece and as a result, has taken a job as a tour guide around Greece.

Georgia feels that being a tour guide is below her and is considered the boring tour guide by every group that she provides commentary for.

At the commencement of a new tour with the ‘stereotypical’ group, Georgia finds herself letting go and trying to rediscover all the things missing in her life, including love.

My Review: This film follows a similar format to “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” with Nia Vardolos commentating through the early stages of the movie and having the same kinda lull experience.

Whilst there are some funny parts to this movie, it is the type of comedy I think a child could have written and you won’t find yourself clutching at your sides by any means. In fact, only one real part about a t-shirt was really chuckle worthy. The highlight of the movie really was seeing the stunning sites of Greece.

I don’t even think the ladies who enjoy romantic comedies will really get much out of this so will recommend this one for the 50 and over age group.