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Sommerbad Volksdorf, Hamburg
« on: August 22, 2012, 08:36:52 pm »
Visit Report -- Sommerbad Volksdorf, Hamburg (also signed as FKK Waldbad)

Short Summary:
Clothing optional (run by local naturist association, used equally by nudists and non-nudists) lake, with beach and other facilities. The whole site is clothing optional. Apparently only open to the public in summer. No entry restrictions for single men.

Located in Volksdorf area within 15 minutes walk from Buchenkamp U-Bahn station. From the Hauptbahnhof (other major U-Bahn stations include Lübecker Straße, Wandsbek and Farmsen) take the U1 line towards Großhansdorf. Buchenkamp is within the Hamburg Greater Area/Großbereich and so can be visited with a standard Hamburg Karte (standard HVV day tickets probably cover it as well). Buchenkamp is about 30 minutes from the Hauptbahnhof by U-Bahn. There is a bus stop even closer to the lake, but you should check with HVV to find out what bus services stop there. Limited on road parking near lake.

Entry is 3.50€ per adult, reduced entry fees are available for children and members, maybe also for INF members. May be able to buy a season ticket.

Close to even split between nudists and non-nudists. Nudists were mostly over 50 years old,  significant number of men under 40, few women under 40. Few nudists under 25. More female naturists than on UK beaches, but mostly over 50. Non-nudists were a mixed group, typical of what could be expected at a clothed beach. A number of topless women of all ages in otherwise non-naturist groups/families. Many non-nudist families and non-nudist teenagers. Some mixed groups (parents/grandparents often nude with children clothed) in both areas. Racial mix (or lack thereof) is typical.

Very positive example of naturism. No obvious problem with perverts, gawkers, swingers, etc. Naturists and non-naturists mainly occupy separate areas (out of choice), but there is some mixing. Naturists mostly occupy the lawn area on the far side of the lake and non-naturists mostly occupy the beach area on the near side of the lake. No obvious conflict between naturists and non-naturists. There are areas to suit all, some are quiet and relaxed, others are busy and energetic. Seems welcoming to singles, couples, groups and families.

Sport facilities (such as tennis), play equipment for children, toilets, showers, sauna (additional cost) and refreshments. Lake appears to be have lifeguards and to be divided into sections (depth?).

Special Rules:
No cameras. I cannot remember whether it was a rule or not, but I didn’t see anyone smoking or drinking alcohol.

Young Naturist Potential:
Could be a really good location to set up a group of young naturists (it looks like HFK may run a group already though). More naturist young people would certainly be a good advert to the non-naturist young people who already attend.

Non-German Speakers:
This venue was intended more for locals than tourists, but anyone with phrasebook level German could probably get by. Despite being able to speak German (with many mistakes), I only needed to use the most basic phrases.

More information:
Official site: (German) (German)

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Re: Sommerbad Volksdorf, Hamburg
« Reply #1 on: December 05, 2015, 10:58:56 am »
bin jeden Sommer dort. Es ist überall Fkk dort, wobei im Sommer auch Textiler und nicht Vereinsmitglieder Zutritt haben. Irgendwie hat es sich eingespielt auf der anderen Seite Textiler auf der anderen Seite Nackte. Finde es immer sehr schön dort, ist sehr parkähnlich mit all den Bäumen und der großen Wiese.
Bin aus Bremen und freu` mich auf Bekanntschaften.
Freizeitbeschäftigungen sind Kino, Urlaub, mit Freunden was trinken gehen und Spor