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There are three places I know of where you can go skinny-dipping in Seattle. All three are beaches within park areas, Denny Blaine and Magnuson Parks on Lake Washington, and Discovery Beach on Puget Sound. I've only been to Denny Blaine Park, so I can only recommend that one for now. It's a small beach on the east side of seattle close to several bus lines, so it's easy to get to. It may be small, but it gets a lot of people on weekends and no one is bothered by nudity. Even families with kids don't bat an eye. It's also popular with the lesbian community in Seattle, many of whom like to go topless at Denny Blaine (I talked to a few of them). I highly recommend this one, as Lake Washington is significantly warmer than the sound, though the waves can get large on windy days (Lake Washington is very big). If anyone is there next summer, they should give it a try.

That sounds really awesome!

Thanks for the update I'll definitely have to check them out.

Thanks for the info, my roommate is moving to Seattle, I'll have to check these beaches out when I go visit.

Dang my post didn't get submitted to this thread.

I had some free time the other day so I went to check out Denny Blaine. I was really surprised at how small the park and beach are, maybe only 20-30 yards wide. I can imagine in the summer it's really crowded. There wasn't any one there which was I bummer. I admit I'm unsure what the Seattle city laws are so I want to talk to people to find out what the practices are.

I didn't strip off when I was there just went to take a look. Although I got kind of the sense of being exposed while there. The grassy area is certainly viewable from the road/parking area and some of the beach also.

Perhaps I'll have to return in the summer to see what it's like then.


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